Men's National Rankings

Due to unusual conditions this year:
Team points are for team ranking only.
Both team and player rankings will include the best 3 results through the end of the 2020, after which the best 5 results will be included.
All 2019-2020 tournaments will be considered as current throughout 2020-2021.

04/10/21APTA Men's Nationals1.000
03/27/21The 505 Open Men2.250
03/14/21March to Nationals3.625
03/06/21Winter Warrior Men's3.250
03/06/21Southern Cup Men1.500
02/26/21Denver Open Men1.625
02/20/21Philly Open Men4.125
02/06/21Detroit Invitational Men3.250
01/23/21South Shore Men1.375
01/23/21Southern Invitational Men2.000
01/23/21Western New England Men3.875
01/16/21Midwesterns Men3.250
01/09/21Cabin Fever Classic2.000
12/19/20Duane L. Hayden Invitational Men4.25
12/12/20Indianapolis Open Men2.750
12/05/20West Penn Men2.625
12/05/20Games on the James1.500
11/21/20Charlotte Men1.750
11/14/20Nashawtuc Men1.625
11/14/20Atlantic Classic Men3.500
11/14/20Delaware State Men2.125
11/07/20Chicago Charities Men2.500
10/24/20Indianapolis Invitational Grand Prix Men3.250
10/17/20Darien Men4.000
10/17/20Stonington Men1.500
10/17/20Chicago Open Men2.250
03/06/20APTA Men's Nationals (19-20)
03/06/20APTA Men's PTI Open Nationals (19-20)2.000
02/22/20Philly Open Men Premier (19-20)3.75
02/22/20Arapahoe Men (19-20)1.375
02/22/20Peachtree Invitational Men (19-20)1.750
02/22/20Philly Open Men (19-20)3.75
02/15/20Hinsdale Men's Challenge (19-20)2.500
02/08/20Short Hills Invitational Men's Elite (19-20)4.000
02/08/20Short Hills Invitational Men (19-20)4.000
02/01/20Charlottesville Open Men (19-20)1.625
02/01/20Detroit Invitational Men (19-20)1.750
01/31/20St. Louis Open Men (19-20)1.625
01/25/20Boston Open Men (19-20)4.125
01/25/20Columbus Open Men (19-20)1.750
01/25/20Southern Invitational Men (19-20)1.875
01/17/20Lagunitas Open Men (19-20)1.250
01/11/20Midwesterns Men (19-20)3.500
12/28/19Cabin Fever Classic (19-20)2.000
12/14/19Indianapolis Open Men (19-20)2.500
12/07/19Duane L. Hayden Invitational Men (19-20)2.500
12/07/19West Penn Men (19-20)2.375
12/07/19Games on the James (19-20)1.000
12/07/19Kansas City Open Men (19-20)1.375
11/23/19Western New England Men (19-20)3.250
11/16/19Cleveland Masters Men (19-20)2.625
11/16/19Atlantic Classic Men (19-20)2.750
11/09/19Delaware State Men (19-20)1.875
11/09/19Chicago Charities Men (19-20)3.875
10/26/19Milwaukee Men (19-20)2.125
10/26/19Rochester Open Men (19-20)1.375
10/19/19Sound Shore Men (19-20)2.500
10/12/19Lake Invitational Premier Men (19-20)3.625
10/12/19Lake Invitational Men (19-20)3.625
10/05/19Patterson Club Men (19-20)2.500
09/28/19Charlotte Men (19-20)1.750

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