Sebastian Bredberg
San Francisco CA USA

Current Team Ranking:173
Current Player Ranking:48
Bredberg is Director of Racquet Sports Lagunitas Country Club in Ross,CA.
Max Le Pivert
Stamford CT USA

Current Team Ranking:173
Current Player Ranking:19
Le Pivert is a two time Blanchard Cup winner. He won in 2015-2016, the inaugural season, with Juan Arraya, and in 2016-2017 with George Wilkinson. LePivert is Director of Racquets at the Stanwich Club, Stanwich, CT .
Match 1
Main Draw, Round of 128
Match 2
Main Draw, Round of 64
 Mah - McClelland64R8
 ACC12:306-2, 6-4
Match 3
Main Draw, Round of 32
 Hintz - Schwab32R4
Sat RC8:306-3, 6-0
Match 4
Main Draw, Round of 16
Sat RC12:305-7, 7-6, 6-3
Match 5
16 Reprieve Draw, Quarter-Final
Sat PFC2:30def

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