APTA Tour 101

2023-2024 APTA Cup

The Men's and Women's APTA Cups are awarded to the APTA TOUR point winners. The best 8 out of 16 results from the APTA Tour will count toward the APTA Cup.


Grand Prix events have a weighting of 4.25. Non-Grand Prix Tour events have weighting based on strength of draw, with a limit of 4.0.

Top Six Winners

The top point scorer in the men’s and women’s Tour participants will win the APTA Cup and prize money. The next top five point scorers in both the men’s and women’s Tours will also be awarded prize money.

APTA Cup Prize Money Payout

The APTA will pay out $50,000 in prize money at Nationals (separate from prize money given out at individual tourneys) to the top six individual men and women (not teams) based on their performance at APTA Tour events.

Season End Prize Money

Place Prize Money
($25,000 for both Men and Women
1st $10,000
2nd $5,000
3rd $4,000
4th $3,000
5th $2,000
6th $1,000

APTA Cup Points Breakdown
(Best 8 events count)

Place Grand Prix Tour
1st 1250 500
2nd 750 300
3rd 450 180
4th 450 180
5th 275 110
250 200 100
7th 225 90
8th 225 90
9th 137.5 55
10th 112.5 45


How did the new Tour evolve?

The APTA Board and many top-level players discussed the importance of featuring paddle’s major tournaments and allowing players to plan their calendars at the beginning of the season. The new Tour structure ensures that Grand Prix tournaments will be the major and top weighted events with prize money and includes a season-long race for the APTA Cup, which offers even more prize money. The APTA Tour Grand Prix and non-Grand Prix Tour events present an opportunity for most regions to highlight their platform tennis community and entice the top players to travel for quality tournaments and big points.

How are the tournaments chosen?

The APTA contacts tournament directors and pros and requests applications (RFPs) to hold either Grand Prix or non-Grand Prix Tour tournaments. The RFPs are reviewed by the Selection Committee, which makes recommendations to the APTA Board for approval.

What is the criteria?

• Historical weighting of tournament (strength of field)
• Size of field; (larger tournaments that can include additional draws preferred; tournament “vibe”)
• Prize money (for Grand Prix events)
• Geographical balance
• Gender balance
• Date flexibility (to space out GPs and Tour events as best as possible)

What is the prize money offered?

1) All Grand Prix tournaments will offer at least $10,000 in prize money
2) APTA Tour Non-Grand Prix tournaments may have prize money
3) The APTA Cup will offer even more prize money to the top six men’s and women’s point winners

More Tour facts

1) All Grand Prix events will be weighted 4.25
2) The men’s and women’s players with the best 8 out of 16 results will be awarded the APTA Cup
3) The APTA will be Live Streaming 10 of the Tour events on its YouTube channel
4) The rating for all Non Grand Prix Tour events will be capped at 4.0

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